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Global sourcing - high quality parts at a competitive price level

From idea to production

We are a Danish based company specialized in supplying components and complete assembled products to our customers in Scandinavia. We provide added value solutions to both small as well as large scale production.

What We Offer

High Quality Product Development Assurance at Affordable Rates

IDEA generation

We are willing to participate in meetings with customers about possible solutions for new components. It may be the design of shape springs, drafting, material selection or presentations to production methods.


It can often be an advantage to have us involved early in the development phase, as we can provide input to ensure good quality and price.

DESIGN & Prototyping

We have our own 3D printer that can print in two materials at the same time, while mainting a high level of accuracy.


Furthermore, we undertake laser cutting of various materials, as well as performing bending of punching parts and spot welding, so that the items function can be tested before final production.


We see it as a natural part of our work to participate in the development of new components, as we know from experience that early involvement from our side ensures better prices for our customers and fewer errors.

Quality inspection

Our QC team takes care of measuring, examining, testing or gauging one or more characteristics of a product and comparing the results with specified requirements in order to establish whether conformity is achieved for each characteristic.


Voss cooperates with more than 25 selected manufacturers that are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified for industrial application.


We also have certified manufacturers that are ISO 13 485 and ISO 15378 certified for the medical industry.


They are all certified specialists in their field and who know our requirements for quality.

We have good experience running new productions in - the test of hand samples for final deliveries each year.



From the customer's  needs an annual framework is set to regulate and manage the logistics over the year. We work in a fully integrated system that aims to ensure proper delivery of items by agreement and minimize unnecessary waiting.


Most of our customers want to utilize Voss's stockholding service, which is paid only when product is leaving our storage facility to customer.

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Manufacturing Skills

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Trading with technical components, produced according

to our customers own specifications

To assist our costumers with technical know-how when new items are developed

To convey an economical advantage to our costumers and thereby enabling our costumers to strengthen their competitiveness

Our Story

Voss Industry A/S started trading with technical components in 1985 in the former Georg Voss A/S. Over the years, we have established contacts with a number of certified suppliers from most parts of the world. Our main suppliers come from Asia and several European countries. Each of these suppliers are specialists in their field. In 1999, Voss Industry A/S was established after a management buy-out by three executives from Georg Voss A/S.

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Administration & Sales


Owner, CEO




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Esko Schmidt-Sørensen

Sales Engineer  Silkeborg Department




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Andreas Østergaard Hansen

Sales Consultant





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Torben Pettersson

Quality & Logistics

Mikki Jacobsen

Quality Control Technician


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Quality Control Technician

Rasmus Foss

Mobile: +45 27 12 17 91


Logistics Manager



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Lone Kildal Mogensen



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Tage Poulsen

Head Office:

12 Solvangsvej
Herfølge, 4681

Sales Office Jylland: A.Andersensvej 24A Silkeborg, 8600 Denmark

TLF: +45 59 16 35 00

FAX: +45 59 16 35 01

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